Ornamental Steel


Ornamental steel, simply put is decorative steel that is available in many styles and applications. Ornament Steel is commonly used on fences, gates, handrails, patio furniture, and many others. With proper finishing it is virtually weatherproof and makes an attractive building material. Red Dog Fabrication works with Home designers and multi housing developers who will often incorporate iron embellishments and stairwells, both for security and for a look of refinement. When used as a decoration, ornamental steel can be very elegant.

Ornamental steel options include shaped bars and sheets, pickets, rings, rosettes, stamped floral designs, baskets, spear points, spheres, and elaborate scrolls.

Advantages of Using Ornamental Steel 

There are many pros to using Ornamental Steel. Here are a few of them:

  • Adds excellent security for a property
  • Less expensive to purchase than Wrought Iron
  • Good on large scale jobs – easier to produce in large quantities
  • Lightweight material
  • Less expensive to ship and transport
  • Widely available
  • Customizable before and after installation
  • Easy to repair and match same material
  • Good for uneven grades of land

If you have a project that requires ornament steel fabrication give the experts at Red Dog Fabrication a call or request an estimate online. We look forward to learning more about your custom ornament steel project.